Philanthropy Awards Test

The 28th Annual Philanthropy Awards

The Philanthropy Awards are one of the premier events in our nation’s capital, bringing together many of the leading businesses, organizations, professional fundraisers and philanthropists making a difference in our city. This celebration is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and showcase acts of service, hope and commitment happening within our community.

This year, we are excited to host both an in-person event and live-steam broadcast, featuring compelling stories that celebrate the heart and soul of philanthropy across our region.

Join us on
November 10th!
  • Recipient 7

    Recipient 7

    • Award for Outstanding Youth Philanthropist
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  • Recipient 6

    Recipient 6

    • Award for Outstanding Small Business Philanthropist
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  • Recipient 5

    Recipient 5

    • Award for Outstanding Individual Philanthropist
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  • Recipient 4

    Recipient 4

    • Award for Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist
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  • Recipient 3

    Recipient 3

    • Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Group
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  • Recipient 2

    Recipient 2

    • Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser
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  • Recipient 1

    Recipient 1

    • Award for Outstanding Fundraising Professional
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