Award for Outstanding Individual Philanthropist, 2023

Sylvie Villeneuve and Yves Tremblay


Sylvie and Yves, originally from Alma, Que., both studied at Universite Laval in Quebec City, specializing in nutrition and engineering and, in the late 1970s, adopted Ottawa as their home. Yves found success in the fibre optics sector from 1980 to 2000, while Sylvie managed their growing family, which included four children and eventually 16 grandchildren.

Sylvie and Yves are passionate about promoting the French language and dedicated more than two decades to volunteering in parent associations and French-language schools. Yves also shared his business expertise with many local health organizations and educational institutions.

Their commitment to Hôpital Montfort, Ottawa’s only French-language teaching hospital, was sparked when their last grandchild was born there. In February 2020, Yves chaired the campaign’s cabinet and set the tone with a historic $1-million donation, as the early days of the pandemic loomed over the health-care sector. Despite challenges, their efforts, along with those of the Montfort Foundation and volunteers, helped the campaign exceed the $12-million goal, with the Villeneuve-Tremblay family contributing $1.5 million.

Sylvie and Yves exemplify dedication, ambition and vision, while their legacy is a testament to their commitment to family, community and the French language in Ottawa.