AGM and 2019-20 Board Announced

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 AGM on May 30th where the 2019-2020 AFP Board of Directors were elected. We celebrated some very special volunteers and Leah Eustace shared some very important thoughts on mental health and wellness in our sector; this is an encore presentation of the talk Leah gave at AFP’s recent ICON conference in San Antonio, Texas, and it was an honour to have her share her story. The turnout was amazing and we thank everyone for joining us.
President awards were given out to three outstanding volunteers for their commitment to the chapter:  Bianca Oran, Andrea Peponoulas, Shelley McLean and a very special thank you was given to Norma Lamont who is leaving the PHILS committee after volunteering with AFP for over 10 years! We’ve been so fortunate to have your leadership.

We are delighted to share the 2019/2020 AFP Chapter Board:
  • President:                                 Teresa Marques (Rideau Hall Foundation)
  • President-Elect:                       Kylie Patrick (Carleton University)
  • Secretary:                                 Jennifer Benedict (GoodWorks Communication)
  • Treasurer:                                 Andrea Olsen-Black (Canadian Wildlife Federation)
  • Past-President:                        Kelly Lachance (Blakely)
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access (I.D.E.A.):     Laura Bonnet (Yellowtree Grantwriting)
  • Engagement:                           Rhonda Cameron (The Ottawa Hospital Foundation)
  • External Relations:                 Rosemarie Michel (V.O.N. Canada)
  • Fundraising Day :                    Ashley Richer (Ottawa Network For Education)
  • Membership:                           Amy Ramnarine (Carleton University)
  • Partnerships:                            Jeff Todd (The Foundation – (WCPD))/GIV Bahamas Inc.
  • Philanthropy Awards:             Margot Ault (The Ottawa Hospital Foundation)
  • Professional Development:   Ruby Misra (Carleton University)
  • Government Relations:          Rob Gottschalk (The Ottawa Hospital Foundation)
  • Director At Large:                    Holly Paulin (Good Works)
  • Director At Large:                    Megan Feltham (The Ottawa Mission Foundation)

You can learn more about the new Board of Directors here: